Visual Identity

1. Elouda Mare Resort_The Elounda Mare resort was honoured in 1987 as the first member in Greece of the prestigious Relais & Châteaux® association.

The identity was required to integrate the established visual identity mark of the figure head, while indicating a new standard in excellence in Greek hospitality, and evoke the calming sense of the Mediterranean.

2. Architecture Design Group_This company cares about the environment and the traditional architecture of Crete, Greece. They advise international and domestic clients in all phases related to building, renovating, and refurbishing their chosen properties.

The identity program had to work at multiple levels of visual communication ranging from advertising in European publications to on site signage and website.

3. Paul Gosney Photography_Crafting the image, whatever format it may come in, is the primary driver in Paul Gosney’s work. Equally talented and skilled in both the traditional forms of photography, as well as the digital aspects of shooting and post production of the final outcome. 

The identity needed to communicate the sensitive touch of the artist with the accuracy of the digital.

4. Spinifex Graphic Design_While an established visual communication firm, Spinifex was not able to detach enough to get the full perspective required to create an effective identity forthemselves. 

Spinifex grass, an unique Australian plant with a marvellous ability to adapt it’s rootsystem to various topicgraphic situations in order to survive and grow was the inspiration for the identity program.