A selection of packaging projects involving developement, design and production:1990 - 2008.

1. Developing and producing an extremely cost effecent donations box that had to also be tamper proof for the Animal Society of Crete.

2. Introduction to the Royal Copenhagen ice cream range with a take home 1 kilo pack.

3. Launch of Kellogg's Komplete museli.

4. Concept developement, design and production and launch of Cerebos' boutique range of muselis in the FMCG sector, Light & Crunchy and Museli Plentiful.

5. A Christmas range for Big Sister Foods.  

6. Redesign of the complete Yates seed range.

7. Packaging to introduce British Paints' (Dulux) new technology for moisture resistance.

8. Launch in Australia of a range of Faberge jeans (Unilever).