Conceptual Work

1: Typographic visualisation of research into the historical evolution of key archetypal graphic marks in western culture.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Freedom Furniture:Developed a revolutionary branding strategy which intended to refresh Freedom Furniture's visual and corporate identity at its core.

The essence of good corporate business and Corporate and Branding Identity is to create long lasting and authentic visual connections associated with the company’s core pesonality, so when launched into the market place, the brand is accepted with good faith and conviction, its equity intact, and is thus free to continue to grow.

The six words engaged to drive Freedom’s new marketing and visual communication were: Quality, Change, Style, Personality, Inspiration, Individual.

7: Poster concepts for the Australia Poster Awards, based on the theme of climate change. 

8: Info graphic for global warming and the increase of rain fall and flooding