An overview of Designasaw:  A boutique visual communication and creative strategy consultancy.  The principle designer, Jacqueline Hill has extensive experience in corporate identity, branding, packaging and publication design.  (See her bio below).  Via discussion and analysis of the marketplace Designasaw assesses the the client's requirements and subsequently develops an effective marketing communication strategy that will both answer the client's brief and the needs of the marketplace.

Biography of Jacqueline Hill: After graduating from Sydney College of the Arts in its inaugural year,  Jacqueline worked as an advertising art director at some of the major Australian and international agencies, such as O&M, McCanns, USP Benson, and Leo Schofield’s SSB. Her client portfolio, which included Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Nestles, engaged a diverse range of communication platforms including print, TV, and 3D design. Consequently Jacqueline developed the strategy based thinking of an effective visual communicator, learning about demographics and the use of appropriate visual and verbal language to reach the targeted audience.

In 1983 she opened Allsorts Design, a graphic design and visual communication studio with a client list that included New South Wales Tourism, Unilever, Kelloggs, Cerabos, Australian Co operative Foods and Yates. During Allsorts Design's life, which closed its doors in 1999, Jacqueline played a key role in the start up of Ita Buttrose’s ITA Magazine, the inception of the Environmental Protection Authority in Australia and the rollout of Occupational Health and Safety program via WorkCover Authority.

Jacqueline was a member of AGDA NSW steering committe (1990) and then all subsequent AGDA councils until 1996.

Moved to Europe in 1996 where Allsorts Design continued delivering visual communication solutions for a range of recognised and new business ventures in Italy and Greece.

In 1999, Designasaw was established as a visual communication consultancy with a primary focus on start up businesses and new product development.

After returning to Australia in 2000 Jacqueline entered the  world of design education from both a teacher’s and a student’s perspective.  She commenced teaching at some of the leading visual communication and graphic design schools in Sydney, and in 2012 completed a Masters in Design by Research at UTS, investigating the subliminal metaphysical quality that is embedded within a visual identity mark (VIM).

Launched shiftazine (2009), an on line magazine which focuses on all things that one thinks are ordinary but are really extraordinary. Keen to experiment, create and communicate, shiftazine aims to attract a global audience and ultimately be a vehicle to shift people’s attitudes in a positive and constructive way, to become inventive and have fun with reinventing.

Jacqueline joined the Design Institute of Australia’s NSW council as the grahic design councillor in 2010,  where she has developed and delivered the DIA’s inaugral and subsequent Master Class Series.  These master classes are designed to provide a wonderful opportunity for experienced graphic designers via working with some of Australia’s leading lights in visual communication and graphic design.